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June 16, 2022, 5:30 PM at Whataburger Field

There's no better way to describe Joe Adame (Class 6) than Everybody's MVP... an All-American Good Guy... Mr. Apple Pie himself. Whether through his fantastic career as a commercial real estate broker in the Coastal Bend, a leader in civic and religious organizations, Joe has always stepped up to the plate.

Joe uses three principles to guide him: good customer service, the importance of strong leadership and the value of making the right decision. He learned them while working at his father’s pharmacy in Robstown, Texas and they’ve guided him his entire life.

Joe’s quiet and determined leadership inspired the uninspirable — GenX and millennials who had moved back to Corpus Christi. By simply listening and engaging with them, he ignited a passion in this city that spurred people to run for office, get on boards create new events, create new boards — and bring their own voice to this city.

The movement he helped create drove a campaign demanding he run for Mayor in 2008. And that campaign resulted in a home run and Joe served as Mayor of Corpus Christi from 2009 through 2012.

A true servant leader, Joe Adame is a great example of what Leadership Corpus Christi hopes to cultivate through leadership training. Seek first to understand and learn. Be open to a paradigm shift. And never back away from making the right decision.

June 16, 2022, 5:30 PM at Whataburger Field

About the LCCA Roast

The Leadership Corpus Christi Alumni Association Roast was born from a lunch conversation between then LCCA Chair Omar Lopez, and LCC alum Bill Richmond and Jessica Davila-Burnett while brainstorming a way to help the Association increase funding... "We should have a weenie roast!!!" and the rest is history.

In 2009 the LCCA presented their inaugural fundraiser "We Love Bud" – the roast of L. C. (Bud) Harris III, LCC25, and the jabs haven't stopped yet. Year after year, LCCA has honored an association member near and dear to our community by placing them in the hot seat: Chris Adler LCC16 (2010), Dr. Scott Elliff LCC16 (2011), Representative Todd Hunter LCC9 (2012), Mark & Carol Scott LCC17 & LCC16 (2013), Ken Trevino LCC27 (2014), Al Jones LCC6 (2015), Paulette Kluge LCC35 (2016), the duo of Ruben Bonilla LCC1 and Hugo Berlanga LCC3 (2017), the honorable Judge Loyd Neal LCC2 (2018), Catrina Wilson LCC28 (2019), a virtual roast honoring Debbie Lindsey Opel LCC22 and Leah Pagan Olivarri LCC11 (2020), and Casey Lain LCC38 (2021).

LCCA is grateful for the creativity, support, and love poured into the inaugural event by our three initiating alum and is proud to continue the tradition. Omar, Bill, & JDB, thanks for the laughs and for the fantastic means of honoring our beloved members.

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